what is 100% a scam?

what is 100% a scam?

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  1. Ice in any non alcoholic drink that’s not water. It does nothing except take up room so ya get less drink, but also waters it down so you’re forced to get a refill. But guess what? Most drinks are already cold outta the machine already

  2. Work 110% at your job and you will be successful.

    Yeah you’ll be successful alright doing the work of 3 people while the people who don’t work as hard get promoted because you are too valuable in your position.

  3. Most of the financial system right now.

    Most jobs. i.e. the value a worker provides is by FAR off to the wage they get in the majority of all industries, even if the job itself is not part of the “bullshit jobs” subclass.

    In most countries, “democracy” is just a scam, and does little to make substantial positive change, because of wealthy lobby parties with their own agendas who act much more efficiently in the bounds of the legal system than some votes every few years.

    Most supplements, or the advertised need for them, and also most “superfoods” and their alleged health benefits or panacea properties. I can guarantee you, you can be of perfect health, in body and mind, and reach your genetic peak without ever even seeing an avocado or sniffing a preworkout.

    The “War on Drugs” and for profit prisons.

  4. Socialism, MLM’s, “fair share” taxes, war on drugs, left vs right politics, a couple that we’re already past but are still worth mentioning are the American rescue plan act of 2021 and the “war on terror”

  5. Online dating services with monthly subscriptions. Any business that gets more money by failing than succeeding will be designed to fail, succeeding *just* enough to make users feel as though they can succeed. Basically the same principle as casinos.

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