What is a bad habit that has gotten you in trouble or dirty looks?

What is a bad habit that has gotten you in trouble or dirty looks?

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  1. I chew the collars of my T-shirts. Most of the time I am not aware I am doing it.

    Trouble in the sense I have to replace my shirts a lot faster than normal.

    Dirty looks in it looks weird for a guy to be eating his clothing.

  2. I zone out and just stare at things. People think I’m eavesdropping, but in reality I’m in my mind daydreaming about random situations like an alien encounter, a Pokémon world, what if I was the richest person in the world, or what if there was elephants the size of house cats.

  3. I overeat and don’t exercise. You may say this isn’t a bad habit but it is. Because I know I should eat less and exercise but I don’t, I am overweight and lazy and I’ve gotten dirty looks and people have made rude comments. But I am currently fixing the issue!

  4. When I zone out in a coffee shop, my eyes tend to widen and I stare blankly into the distance. If someone walks in my direction and looks my way, it comes off as if I’m creeping hard on them.

  5. People that I feel I vibe with doesn’t mean they vibe with me. And i get super excited talking to people I feel I vibe with. And then get sighed at a lot when they’re doing something and i but in. It’s hard to keep myself from trying to talk to them.

  6. Being a shithead and roasting people, and basically having no filter. Got me in a lot of trouble when I was young. My parents, teachers, other kids… But I work in the trades now, and people think it’s fucking hilarious so I’m glad I stuck with it

  7. I still say Ma’am and Sir and I forget extremely easy due to some mental problems so I’ll forget pronouns all the time. Especially if I grew up with someone who had a change in pronouns. I’m sorry I can’t remember please stop tearing me apart. I don’t care what you do in bed or what you identify as just don’t tear into me when I forget and slip up. I’m sick of being berated and yelled at cause I said she/he once. TwT

  8. I have OCD and sometimes the only words that feel ‘right’ to say are curse words. So suddenly I’m swearing like a sailor to my girlfriend. She knows it’s just my OCD acting up and finds it kinda cute, but other people think I’m verbally abusive

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