What is a blatantly immoral behaviour that people do but is just accepted by everyone?

What is a blatantly immoral behaviour that people do but is just accepted by everyone?

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  1. As a new foreign student in the US, it’s the restaurants underpaying the waiters/servers and their income being heavily reliant on tips.

    I saw this picture a few months ago on Twitter. A person was being blasted for not tipping the waiter and the waiter complaining about it on Twitter. The waiter and the other Twitter users were harassing the man for not tipping instead of holding the restaurant accountable paying less.

    Absolutely baffling.

  2. Not cleaning up after kids at a restaurant.

    I don’t mean “there’s a single chip on the ground.” I mean “Little Sally doesn’t like the food the restaurant has so we brought in her own spaghetti and she is literally throwing handfuls of the stuff around on the floor but we ate here so someone else can mop up after her.”

  3. Thinking that stealing from someone richer is ok or can be justified: Like using a self service till at a supermarket and weighing your expensive potatoes as cheap potatoes. Or when you are given more change than you what you should get.

    It’s still stealing even regardless of what mental gymnastics done to rationalise it. Sure its a big company that can afford it, but yeah, still stealing.

  4. Having children, like c’mon, you’re forcing someone into existence, an existence where they are guaranteed to suffer in some sort of way. They didn’t ask for that.

  5. Here’s a few, there’s too many, too just choose one;

    People who eat with their mouths open.

    People who won’t admit to being wrong.

    People who tell small white lies for no reason.

  6. Paparazzi following celebrities around everywhere they go and people demanding to know every intimate detail of there lives.

    Just because they are celebrities doesn’t mean they don’t have a right to privacy, they are just people.

  7. Buying real estate.
    People can’t afford homes anymore because they are being bought up by people who see them as investments. It drives up the housing prices way too much

  8. Pretending that not immediately agreeing with someone upset about something means you endorse the thing they’re upset about. No, Black people being disproportionately killed by police doesn’t prove police racism. Saying that doesn’t mean I’m racist or in favor of police killing anyone. It just means I don’t think you’ve proven your diagnosis correct, so I won’t agree to your cure without more evidence.

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