What is a car that is collectively driven by shitty drivers?

What is a car that is collectively driven by shitty drivers?

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  1. Honda Pilot. Almost every time I see one, there’s something weird going on.

    One time, it was parked in the curved blind side of the highway that has no shoulder. Hazards aren’t even turned on. If you were in that lane, you’d crash onto him.

    Another time, one tried to cross the highway divider that separates local and express, with no obvious benefit or cause.

    Yet another time, the driver activated the alarm while en route to her vehicle. It’s like playing an entrance theme notifying the whole neighborhood that she has arrived and about to drive away.

    Can’t help but wonder, is it correlation or causation?

  2. In NZ it’s always Utes ( they are called trucks in US) I call them “road bullies”. The likes of Ford Rangers etc. honestly they are the cuntiest drivers here

  3. In Pakistan, Land cruisers. These mofos think they actually have the right to almost everything that is driving related. Had multiple dumbass cruiser drivers literally almost hit you, whilst they drive over the 80 kmph, and somehow its you fault for being in the way.

  4. Mercedes Benz CLA-Class every person I know who has one or even owns a Mercedes Benz has gotten into at least 1 accident or has totaled their car

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