What is a dead giveaway that someone is a toxic person?

What is a dead giveaway that someone is a toxic person?

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  1. They can’t say anything positive. Negative comments about others, places, etc. In general, just a miserable person. I avoid these types.

    Yes, everyone is entitled to have a bad day or week but if it is nonstop, they are toxic.

  2. they can’t be happy for you when you achieve something and they instead complain so the attention gets turned to them.

    My old best friend did this all the time when we were growing up. She was the kind of kid who won every award, every contest, she was the kindest, prettiest, and most talented, and she was so used to winning. Each time she won, I was overjoyed for her. The one time that I won a writing contest, the one thing I felt I was better than her at, she cried. All the attention got turned back to her and everyone comforted her rather than congratulating me. What followed after that were 7 more years of constant competition and always feeling like I was in her shadow.

    I wanted the best for her even if it were at my expense and she wanted the same.

  3. unnecessary attitude, always thinking they’re right, never admitting their mistakes, having a victim complex, talking shit behind their friends back, being arrogant

  4. When they hold no accountability. Everything is someone else’s fault or they try and weasel their way out of taking responsibility for something.

    Sometimes it can be subtle, but either way – that person is not only toxic, but someone you cannot trust at all.

  5. I have a saying: Always the instigator. Always the victim. Never my friend.

    If every dramatic story they tell you starts off with them poking the bear and then they can’t believe when the bear bites back then you know the grasp of reality is fucked. Run the fuck away from them.

  6. When you just met someone a few minutes ago and they already talk to you and act as if you are the most perfect, amazing, funniest person who ever walked the earth.

    Major red flag 🚩🚩🚩

  7. Their reaction to everything, from a stubbed toe, to a traffic jam, to a catastrophic event, is only ever important to them because it affects ‘them’, and is an irritation to whatever their plans were. They don’t take into account the cause and consequence of a situation beyond their relation to it.

  8. They talk near-constant shit about others and also share the deeply personal stories their other friends told them in confidence. They’re 100% doing that to you when you’re the one not there.

  9. Getting mad at a friend for them being honest about simply not wanting to go out and staying home. They would rather force you out, even though you’ll be miserable, than just let you do what you want to do

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