What is a declassified document that is so unbelievable it sounds fake?

What is a declassified document that is so unbelievable it sounds fake?

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  1. [Operation Mincemeat.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Mincemeat).

    A dead British officer washes ashore Spain during WW2, with a briefcase of top secret documents handcuffed to his wrist. Spain is “Neutral” but as a fasist nation, supports Germany tacitly, and allows them to photograph the documents before returning them to the British, so they continue to remain “Neutral”.

    The documents detail an allied plan to launch a Naval invasion of Greece, and attack into Germany from the soft underbelly that is the Balkans and Hungary.

    The Germans eat the bait, and the Axis move forces to defend against this front in Greece.

    However this is where the allies reveal their trap card and invade a much more poorly defended Sicily.

    The British Officer was a random Welsh homeless person who had recently died, who was dressed up as a British Officer, given a fully detailed set of papers, and backstory (Including love letters and a picture of a “girlfriend”), some fake papers in a briefcase, and dropped off the coast of Spain by submarine.

  2. The [CIA Assassination manual](https://nsarchive2.gwu.edu/NSAEBB/NSAEBB4/ciaguat2.html) from [1953](https://boingboing.net/2016/03/02/read-a-cia-manual-on-assassina.html). Comes complete with diagrams about how to enter a conference room and kill everyone.

    [This link](https://www.lawg.org/declassified-army-and-cia-manuals/) has much more background on the manual and similar ones that were made in the 1980s and 90s and were used as training guides for death squads of other countries who were receiving training at the Ft Benning School of the Americas.

  3. The CIAs attempt to train cat spies. They tried to train cats to be spies by implanting recording equipment in their bodies and letting them loose near soviet buildings. The cats could accurately travel short distances to targets but the training didn’t stick well enough for the cats to meet the CIAs eavesdropping needs. Program got shutdown after a few millions of dollars worth of investment

  4. Not really a document but a civil court case.

    It was basically proven in civil court that MLK Jr. was assassinated by the CIA, FBI, and local Memphis Police and the ruling on the case affirmed that.

    So in a court of law, you have a unanimous decision that the CIA and FBI killed him, and almost no one knows this.


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