What is a disturbing fact most people are unaware of?

What is a disturbing fact most people are unaware of?

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  1. The Strangelet Problem – a theoretical particle, that, if it ever came into existence and touch something, would violently turn it into another strangelet, so on and so forth, until the entire universe had been knocked down to this equally stable and entirely dead, boring existence, all because an atom hit an atom with the exact opposite amount of energy, and started the great leveling. It could happen so fast, we wouldn’t even comprehend it.

  2. The number of people that died from covid world wide is estimated to be 15 million.

    I’m from Portugal. Our population is around 10.5 million.

    The number of covid deaths is bigger than the population of a small european country.

  3. Cockroaches are numerous in coffee factories and are just roasted together with the Coffee beans. Your coffee is thus non-vegan and literally full of roaches

  4. As dead bodies decay, they “burp” or release gasses.

    For this reason, caskets and mausoleums should be ventilated so that the gas can escape.

  5. Companies that test on animals, specially dogs use beagle dogs more as they are the dog that will forgive a human that hurts them the most

  6. The world isn’t overpopulated or running out of resources.

    The output of resources is merely controlled by very rich evil individuals like oil.

    Global warming however is very real but that’s not because of population that’s because dicks just want money.

  7. The world’s power and economy are controlled by a handful of secretive mega-oligarchs who pull the strings of most world leaders in very subtle yet tremendously powerful ways.

  8. That you are far more likely to be sexually assaulted and/or murdered by someone you know. Sure, most people have heard of this concept, but to truly understand it is devastating.

  9. Everyone has that feeling that at every given moment someone is watching them. So basically everyone is so occupied by being concerned about how they appear to others when there’s actually no one watching.

  10. Human trafficking happens everywhere, it can one day happen right in front of you and you would just look at it as it’s a normal thing, it happens way too often, one day your family member may get involved in being sold for human trafficking. Women, children, and men are way more vulnerable than you believe to sexual trafficking or slavery.

  11. I know there’s probably an explanation but I saw this somewhere.
    the existence of the uncanny Valley implies that at some point in evolution humans needed to know when something didnt quite look human.
    i think the explanation I saw was for when people are sick, they look different and our instincts tell us to stay away or we might get sick too.

  12. Yellowstone could erupt at any time and cause a cloud of ash all around the earth, keeping an eternal winter until crops die and the apocalypse begins …

  13. if we murdered humans at the rate we murder animals for “food” wed be wiped out in a couple of days

    but sure “weve always eaten meat and its never been bad for the environment” while completely ignoring the ridiculous scale at which we kill innocentbeings for pleasure

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