What is a “family secret” you have learned when you were already an adult?

What is a “family secret” you have learned when you were already an adult?

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  1. I have sister in another country that I have never met and still have no clue how to find her. I know her first name and her mother’s and where they lived, not sure if they still live in that same city or country.

  2. My mum’s mother was abusive to my mum. I never met my grandmother as she died young, but since I started opening up to my mum about my own traumas, she’s opened up to me a little about hers. Explains so much about my mother :/

  3. My uncle killed himself, he hung himself in a field, my auntie told my cousins that he had a heart attack but we knew otherwise which was always strange. (I guess some people just wouldn’t tell there children there father has killed himself but it was strange my family didn’t care to cover it up for us they jus told us as 8 year old kids my uncle hung himself.

    He had money saved for my two female cousins, my nan and uncles and my father all went of a spending spree and the children never saw a penny

  4. My grandma’s brother was gay and killed by his ex lover

    I just knew he was a handsome and super talented guy, a famous female poet was in love with him, and everything about him was genius. Then some man killed him randomly but it was his ex lover who stabbed him

    So today that’s of course not a big deal but he comes from a very religious family so it even took my grandma, who adored him, a while to learn the truth.

  5. My grandfather sold his property to a cousin who owns the adjacent property. I found out in passing, but I’m pretty sure my mom (his daughter) has no idea that’s happened.

  6. Found out that I had an aunt. My grandmother had her when she was 17 and after a few rough years she gave her to a foster home. Had no idea until I was almost 18.

  7. My uncle had a wife and child when he was stationed in Vietnam. She didn’t come back with him. He went on and remarried a woman when he got back to the US, has a big old traditional Mormon family. I don’t think any of them know about it.

  8. My grandfather was married for a few months before he met Grandma. No one knew until Grandma’s funeral and we were all sitting around at the funeral home talking the director & lawyers. My aunt flipped out from 0-60 with the “DO WE HAVE ANY BROTHERS OR SISTERS WE DON’T KNOW ABOUT?!” to her newly widowed father. “DID MOM KNOW?!” Yes, Grandma knew. They’d only been married a few months, I assume she saw her future in an instant and got the hell out of Dodge. The future my grandmother got.

  9. My grandmother on my dads side was a hussy! Had abt 9 kiddos, all different dads. All the kiddos had her last name for continuity. My dads the youngest at a spry 65 and comes from a very conservative, catholic country in latin america.

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