What is a film that gets a huge amount of praise but you think is awful?

What is a film that gets a huge amount of praise but you think is awful?

What do you think?

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  1. Black Panther. Well, it’s still watchable – it’s a Marvel movie after all – but by far my least favorite in the MCU.

    I genuinely can’t understand how it got a Best Picture Oscar nomination.

  2. Sometimes movies are still dining out on the history.

    Clockwork was wildness in a time when people would have said their favorite tv shows where leave it to beaver and Andy Griffith.

    Godfather had slightly slow pacing in a time when movie pacing was very slow compared to now. So it crawls by todays standard.

    2001 a space Odyssey was considered so realistic that people at the time thought the actual space landing looked fake by comparison.

    Blade runner. The special effects where revolutionary at the time but compared to cgi meh. Not to mention half the movies and shows set in the future since are just set in blade runner. Ghost in a shell, Altered carbon etc

    Sometimes they where great in their time and place and are still on the list of greats for that reason

  3. “A Clockwork Orange”. Some of these classics are just some part of institutional legacy. They’re classics “because they are” kind of reasoning. I suppose it’s not *awful* but I just didn’t see the appeal.

  4. Life is Beautiful

    It always rubbed me the wrong way, and I found it just annoying. This is not how you make a movie about the holocaust.

    And it’s not like I don’t enjoy comedies about horrific shit – Jojo Rabbit is fantastic movie for example. But Life is Beautiful just didn’t work for me, at all.

  5. Any of the Marvel movies save for the first Iron Man. They’re just visual effect green screen amusement park rides with awful plots and writing. Iron Man 1 was where it peaked.

  6. This may be a weird one, but I absolutely hated the movie adapation of Youjo Senki. For what I’ve heard it’s pretty popular with the community, but I didn’t like it at all. The anime already looked bad af and skipped a lot of important points in the manga, and since the movie was even shorter, it just sucked.

  7. Black Panther…he interrupts a human trafficking operation just to invite his sister to a party, the villain does little more than burn some plants and the CGI is appalling.

  8. The Matrix. I found the acting to not be good and the plot to be boring. It could have also been the same movie if it was thirty minutes shorter.

  9. Almost every Christopher Nolan movie. Just because you explain things badly doesn’t mean it’s smart. Inception and Tenet are both movies that I think almost anyone could understand if they were explained by someone who could actually write instead of Nolan

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