What is a food that you just cannot understand how other people can actually like it?

What is a food that you just cannot understand how other people can actually like it?

What do you think?


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  1. Kimchi

    I don’t get it. I had a Korean roomie that used to eat it from the jug like potato chips. But the two least likely things that should ever go together, in my opinion, are: ‘fermented cabbage’ and ‘hot sauce.’

    I’m sure it’s healthy and all that, but fuck me, the smell! I’d rather smell a room full of boiled cabbage than kimchi.

  2. Raw tomatoes.

    There’s some pretty great stuff that can be made out of tomatoes, don’t get me wrong, but just putting chunks of tomatoes into stuff? Biting into that ruins a whole meal for me and I can’t grasp how anyone likes that 🤢

  3. Ants and Crickets – I work with a few girls who absolutely love them and are always snacking on them. Sometimes they’re seasoned with different flavors, sometimes just plain and no matter what, I can’t get my head around it. Maybe if I was dying but, that’s it.

  4. Pineapple on pizza, not because it’s an insult to italian food (I enjoy those american 5 cheese pizzas lol) But how can people say it’s good because it’s like contrast to the marinara sauce/tomato sauce when they’re both sour/tarty in the first place. Plus eating Pineapple chunks that are hot taste really weird.

    I eat fresh pineapples/drink pineapple juice, it’s hella refreshing and a cleansing thing (iykyk). Eating it on pizza and savory dishes is just really weird

  5. I’m convinced that everyone who says they like cucumber is playing a practical joke on me.

    It tastes like the residue of another vegetable. Like the diluted water runoff of another unpleasant thing.

  6. Mac and cheese. I know it’s comfort food people grew up with, but can’t you make it with something more interesting than macaroni now? You can apply this basic principle to tons of other stuff.

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