what is a good way to lose weight?

what is a good way to lose weight?

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  1. Eat less calories than you burn in a day. Simple as that. You can eat -healthier- but it won’t make a weight difference unless you balance your calories. You can calculate online how many calories you burn per day. From there, you can either eat less, or exercise more (ideally both).

  2. You have to pay attention to what you eat and if you don’t like regular exercise you can try swimming or dancing or something similar, also, stay positive on your journey!

  3. almost 3 months ago i reached 100kg so i started changing my lifestyle, first month i lost 2kg by abandoning junk food/ fried food/ cheeses/ pastery/ chocolate bars and such, second month i loosened my food restructions a bit except for fries and worked out 4hrs a week i lost 3kg

  4. Short, bodyweight workouts at home. ‘Going to the gym’ is such an undertaking.

    Push-ups, deep squats, lunges, dumbbell curls and planks. 20 minutes. Energy all day.

  5. The only thing that makes you lose weight is burning more calories than you intake.

    Either decrease caloric intake or increase activity until you are in a deficit and you’ll burn fat.

    Keep it around 200-400 calories under your maintenance and you can avoid muscle loss.

  6. For me, a calorie counter app, and weigh myself once a week at most. Just be ready to be hungry for parts of your day. See a doctor prior to any major changes.

  7. This can take a while but developing a healthy relationship with food. Not limiting yourself to the point you binge later, and making sure you get the nutrients you need

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