What is a good way to ruin a job interview?

What is a good way to ruin a job interview?

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  1. When an interviewer, or candidate, belabours a particular word or phrase.

    I recently interviewed a person and they began every response with ‘certainly’, to the point I started making ticks on my page everytime they said it and by the end of the interview I was hearing it in Curly’s (3 Stooges) voice. They alsp peppered it into other parts of their questions and responses.

    Roughly 40 uses of the the word in a 60 min interview.
    A new record on the uses per minute scale.

  2. You can ruin a job interview by:

    -being late

    -appearing disinterested and not asking questions

    -being overly arrogant or overly insecure

    -badmouthing your current boss or job

    -not dressing appropriately for the job you’re seeking

  3. By asking how much they want to pay you, exactly.

    I can guarantee that – just by asking that question – a good 50% of employers will disappear.

    Then again this is not the kind of people you’d want to be employed by in the very first place.

  4. Great question! I once interviewed someone who was chewing gum in the most obnoxious way during our entire interaction. I do not believe he was nervous (being nervous doesn’t ruin your chances imo), he just clearly had low self awareness.

  5. Realizing your true value, cause they mess up getting greedy, right before they negotiate.
    Walk out, let them lose one, most good ideas and personal efforts are only publicly devalued then stolen privately.
    Some jobs you don’t want.

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