What is a great YouTube channel to binge watch?

What is a great YouTube channel to binge watch?

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  1. Kings and generals,
    Closer to the truth,
    Life of Boris ,
    Lockpickinglawyer ,
    Survival Russia,
    Barely sociable ,
    Cruising the cut,
    JCS criminal psychology,

  2. Solar Sands

    he has GREAT video essays and his writing and voice is so good that even if the video is something boring or about something ur uninterested in, he will make you watch through.

  3. “Grand Illusions” is great anti-anxiety for me. Just an old grandpa-like man showcasing unique and interesting toys and knick-knacks in kind of a soothing calm voice.

    Otherwise, I love me some Kurtis Conner

  4. Sammy the bull has an interesting channel if you are into mob stories. He is actually a good story teller with deeper details never found in books, news, and movies.

  5. CoryxKenshin – the absolute goat of youtube. he has the most loyal fanbase and he doesn’t cuss.

    his content is actually really funny as he takes the time to make good edits and great to binge.

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