What is a hill that you would die on that most people couldn’t care less about?

What is a hill that you would die on that most people couldn’t care less about?

What do you think?


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  1. Money is valuable. Growing up in a household where the electricity would shut off everyday, I learned learned money is precious and you shouldn’t waste it on useless crap.

  2. If you’re riding a motherfucking escalator or moving sidewalk you’d goddamned better keep to the right so people with SOMEWHERE TO BE can actually move. _This is not an amusement park ride._

  3. Gen Y and Millennial are not interchangeable terms. People who grew up before 9/11 and people who grew up after have completely different world views, beliefs, experiences with technology, etc. The currently accepted range for “Millennial” is so wide that it would mean parents and their children could be in the same generation. It also doesn’t make sense linguistically for people who were born before the “millennium” to be “millennials.” IMO, Gen Y goes from 1981 to 1994 or so, and Millennial is 1995-2005, Zoomers would be after that.

    That said, none of this matters because the generations are social convention and not something that actually exists, but I’m annoyed at being blamed for things when the article is talking about people in their 20s or younger.

  4. Use of “/s”

    Yeah it’s not hard to do, and I get that sarcastic tone doesn’t translate through text. Never the less, you should be capable of phrasing text in a way that makes it obvious you’re being sarcastic or facetious, and if someone doesn’t get it, fuck ’em, they’re dumb.

  5. Jirayia would have beat Pein no problem if he had any sort of intel on him.

    In fact, I’d go as far as saying Jirayia could have beat any living ninja at the time.

  6. *lec* = “to gather together” as in lecture, election, collection.

    *pod* = “foot” as in podiatrist, tripod, cephalopod


    * If you stand *behind* it to speak to a gathering, then it’s a [lectern](https://www.allendisplay.com/cl-321-zm1.jpg).

    * If you stand *on top* of it to speak or be recognized, then it’s a [podium](http://www.cbc.ca/news2/pointofview/podium.jpg).

    I am aware that people can and do confuse these words willy-nilly and often without being too badly misunderstood. Even so, to me confusing the terms spoils the clarity of having two different words for two different things.

    We’ll save rostrum, dais, pulpit, *et al*. for another post.

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