What is a huge turn on you find attractive that other people may not?

What is a huge turn on you find attractive that other people may not?

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  1. i’ve always only been attracted to women by the way, so for me, i’d say physically, i love stretch marks, cellulite, etc on a woman.

  2. Someone who is skilled at something. My man is a French Escoffier trained and schooled chef and he is super sexy when he gets in the zone.

  3. Girls that look kinda trashy. Not like ugly or dirty but like you can look at them and tell that they probably do drugs.

    Like sometimes if they have dark circles around their eyes, or their hair isn’t brushed or combed, or they’re kinda skinny but got that weird jiggly belly fat.

    Idk how else to describe it.

  4. Someone who just has chill vibes. Like can I sit with them, enjoy some pizza and enjoy the sounds of nature or watch a show and just feel at peace. A bit chubby, and doesn’t take themselves too seriously

  5. Not me, but a girl I used to date would get really turned on if I let her smell my armpits. I mean she would really get her whole face pressed up in there and just take 3 or 4 long deep sniffs. I’m not a particularly smelly guy, but it’s still an armpit and it was weird.

  6. Hard worker/confidante but mainly a hard worker. Not sure why but if I see a girl working/doing some bad ass work Via firefighter, trail worker, chainsaw operator, anything along those lines — “what’s good ma??” It could go into my “women in power/authority” attraction as well.

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