What is a kink you have, you thought is common but isnt?

What is a kink you have, you thought is common but isnt?

What do you think?

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  1. I kind of have a breeding kink…I only recently started thinking about that, though, since I just read a little smut on Tumblr where the two partners had a breeding kink and I was insanely turned on reading it lol.

    I’m also into degradation, which some people might find too much (though I’m not into pain/BDSM). As long as it’s consensual, the thought of having a guy/girl degrade me gets me pretty turned on. (Btw, I think guys making noise during sex is hot. I never see enough of that in porn and it makes me sad.)

  2. I like to lie on my stomach with a huge jar of mayonnaise strapped to my face like a horse feeder while my SO pegs me from behind while simultaneously building a house of cards on my back

  3. Just going to town nuzzling my face in someone’s crotch and just making out with it

    I’ve always wanted a group of people cheering me on while I get tortured in a BDSM setting

  4. Idk if its a kink or a fetish or if im just weird but i cant get off to the feeling of sex only the other person getting off but like only if that pleasure comes from me other then that i am abnormally unsexual infact i do not like the feeling of anthing touching down there :/

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