What is a lesson or behavior your parents taught you that you’ve had to unlearn later in life?

What is a lesson or behavior your parents taught you that you’ve had to unlearn later in life?

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  1. Tough it out when you don’t feel well (as long as your fever is less than 38/ throwing up/ coughing up blood) and go to work/ school.

    You get better a lot quicker if you rest and take care of yourself and you expose less people…

  2. For me it’s learning to switch off from work. My dad used to work on holiday and weekends. Now that I’m in the workforce I witness how people who remain accessible at any time don’t accelerate their career, they just get taken advantage of.

  3. My parents are great.

    But they are very prideful, and will often sabotage themselves (and their relationship) for their own egos. And tried to instill that sense of pride in me.

    Not only that, while they go out of their way to sabotage themselves for pride, they don’t stand up for themselves out of politeness for things that do matter. And they tried to insist that I follow that politeness.

    It’s a strange duopoly where they’ll go too far for things that don’t matter, while burdening themselves with unnecessary pain for ungrateful and irrelevant people.

    This strange paradox (+ the fact I’m very disagreeable) made sure I inherited neither of these lessons.

    While this caused friction in the past. They grew to respect my stance, and see me as the calm but assertive type.

  4. That never giving up is something you shouldn’t do, sometimes you have to give up, especially when it’s clear, just like how I’ve given up on hoping to make it to med school, because every time I was caught studying my father would beat me with a pair of kitchen tongs until I stopped studying

  5. Play hard, work hard.

    Later in life, I realise just how idiotic that mentality is. It baffles them that if I plan a heavy night or a weekend trip that I’ll use an annual leave day to recover / rest on the Monday. Work hard, Play smart is my motto now

  6. My dad, as well as others around me, that I should shoot for a job or career that pays well and pays good benefits. Whether I like the job is irrelevant because “it’s work. You ain’t supposed to like it. That’s why it’s called work!”

    So I worked in banking/finance for years and I hated. I absolutely hated it. I would love to be a musician or a producer, or a sound engineer. Something more creative and fun. I was told that sort of career is impossible and not pragmatic. There may be some truth to it, but I’m learning now it’s difficult (if not impossible) to enjoy your life if you have a job you hate everyday.

  7. Easy! It wasn’t too hard to unlearn but I feel some people relate. Bigotry. I just prefer to let people live however they want, what does it matter how they dress or act or where they come from.

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