What is a medical emergency tip that everyone should be aware of?

What is a medical emergency tip that everyone should be aware of?

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  1. Never move the neck or spine of somebody who has undergone a serious traumatic injury

    Hold a neutral c-spine position until somebody that is qualified is able to assess their injuries and move them appropriately to prevent injury

    If you find yourself in a building on fire, with limited visibility, you get down on your knees, but your left hand on the left wall, and follow and crawl – you will eventually find your way out of the building doing so, even if you can’t see

  2. If someone is impaled with something- large or small- don’t remove it. Pack gauze or cloth around the object with out moving it, and put something- a disposable cup- or other appropriately sized, available container over it, and tape the container on. This way you can transport them to get help with out the object getting moved and causing more damage.

    Also- rinsing the eyes with milk is almost always better than water. This can save your vision if you get battery acid in your eyes. Good for use with pepper spray and other acidic things.

  3. In the movies, you’ll see someone shout ‘Please, call 911!’ and then rush to the patient. Not a good idea.

    The 911 operator needs to know the condition, and can give you life saving information. Some people should be sat up, some should lay flat, and others should lay on their side.

    Call 911 yourself, stay on the line, answer all the questions and do what they ask.

    Also, if you can, send someone outside to flag the ambulance down. If there’s a person outside waving them down, the crew doesn’t have to check every house number.

    Last, if the person takes meds, have the bottles or a list ready for EMS.

  4. Some people who suffer seizures regularly wear bracelets specifying not to call emergency services.

    Also, be aware to check for medical alert bracelets and necklaces in general.

  5. Even though you are probably never going to need it, its best to have some Narcan in your purse. You just never know when you might run into a situation where a friend overdoses and you might need to bring them back.

    Another good medical tip to have is get some CPR training. You may never need to use the CPR training but its good to have, just in case something happens.

  6. If something becomes amputated, do not put it in ice. Put it in a brown paper sack and go to the hospital. If you only have ziplock bags, wrap the extremity in paper towel, put it in a small ziplock. Put room temperature water in a larger one. Then put the small one in the large one. This will keep the finger from rotting super quickly. Go to the hospital.

  7. FAST is a simple way to remember the main symptoms of stroke.

    FAST stands for:

    F ace drooping.

    A rm weakness.

    S peech difficulty.

    T ime to call 911.

  8. Strong bleeding wounds need to be stopped, obviously. That means if you have a deep bleeding wound that goes way inside (eg. shot/stab wound), you may have to stuff cloth inside, even if you make the surface wound bigger in the process, in order to reach the larger blood vessels. It is important to keep pressure on the wound. Also, keep in mind that infections can be treated later, the bleeding maybe not. So stuffing a sweaty t-shirt into the wound is better than nothing at all.

  9. If a woman is visibly pregnant, she needs to be on her left side.

    On the left side of the body is your aorta. This is a strong vein, made out of muscle. If the mom is on her left side, the baby is on top of the aorta. Because this vein is strong, nothing will happen.
    On your right side, there is the hollow vein. This one is thin and weak. If the mom is turned to her right, baby will squeeze the vein shut, and the blood-supply towards mom’s heart is cut off.

    But, you ask, what if i don’t know? Simple. If the woman is showing signs of pregnancy, you can apply this rule. If she isn’t showing yet, the baby is not yet heavy enough to squeeze veins shut.

    Source: First aid training

  10. If someone is bitten by a snake, have someone call an ambulance and bandage the entire limb, starting with where they were bitten, working down then all the way up.

    Do not wash the wound or try to suck out the venom.

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