What is a phrase or saying that you hate?

What is a phrase or saying that you hate?

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  1. It’s gods plan/god works in mysterious ways. No thank you, take your platitudes elsewhere. That you think I should just accept that an unknowable being just shit all over me that’s your business, do me a favour and keep it to yourself.

  2. “you do you”

    People say it like it’s a positive note to end a discussion, when really it’s the most backhanded comment of “I think you are doing this wrong, but whatever”

  3. That made up Einstein quote about how everyone is a genius in their own way regarding a fish climbing a tree or whatever.

    Not only is there no actual record of Einstein saying this, it actually goes against most research. While people clearly have strengths, high IQ people on average learn things far easier and most forms of competence are at least slightly overweaved through pattern recognition.

  4. Don’t Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth

    I mean, don’t you think it might be a good idea? Maybe the horse is sick or something and you might notice something wrong with its tonsils. Come to think of it, you should do that with horses you buy, too.

  5. “You only hate me because I’m speaking the truth”.

    Usually, people hate your for talking bullshit, and what this reply shows me is that you’re gonna ignore all the criticiam against you and still think like you’ve somehow won something.

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