What is a piece of lost media not even the internet can recover??

What is a piece of lost media not even the internet can recover??

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  1. The footage of me zipping by on a motorcycle taxi during a newscast.

    The only redhead in town. And I got caught ditching school because of it.

    My host family was way less than pleased but I would so love that video.

  2. My grandparents were in the background of a local commercial for a country club back in the early 90s. I was taking golf lessons, and because my dad was in the hospital for hernia surgery, my grandparents took me.

    While I was at my lesson, they waited in the Clubhouse. The guy in charge of the ad asked if they wouldn’t mind being in the background, and they would pay for their lunch. So they agreed.

    Everytime I saw that ad running on TV, I made sure to look for them.

    I asked a friend who used to work for the TV station who produced the ad how far back their commercial archives went. Anything that far back was in a storage unit somewhere else. And that country club doesn’t exist anymore.

  3. Owen Hart’s live death on WWE.

    The WWE completely erased that video from existence at the request of Owen Hart’s family and you aren’t going to find it anywhere on the internet.

  4. Surprised no one answered with this, but the majority of old black and white films were destroyed in a fire. There were no copies. We have a very small number left. Safe to say the ones that were burned are not recoverable.

  5. Back when QuickTime (software for playing videos) first came out on Macs, Apple sent out a developer CD with a bunch of CGI animated demo videos set to cool synth music. The video was lame but I loved the music, it was kind of tribal electronica, and I’ve never been able to find those clips anywhere. This was probably in the mid 90s.

  6. When I was a child, whenever my favorite soccer team played in my town, I would enter the games next to the players as it is traditional in soccer. I did this a couple of times and every time as soon as the player holding my hand and I transitioned from the stadium tunnel to the grass, I would trip on the tv camera wires. My dad was watching the game at home and saw a short kid tripping during the start of the broadcast. He knew immediately it was me lol. I would absolutely love to see any that tape.

  7. I was devastated when watching The Tiger King and Kirkham finds out his studio was (deliberately) burnt down, losing over 60,000 hours of video. You hear the pain in the man’s voice too. I really felt for him.

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