What is a random memory from your past that you can’t forget?

What is a random memory from your past that you can’t forget?

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  1. When I was very young playing baseball, I saw t!tt!es engraved on the bench, and started arguing very loudly with someone that whoever had done it had misspelled “kitties”.

    Whenever I have that flashback I cringe a lot.

  2. When I was 4, I saw an adult punch another adult before the two were grabbed by folks standing around. What I recall very clearly though was finding a really nice fountain pen on the ground while the fight went on. I hid it in my pocket. It was/is blue

  3. When I was in elementary school, I had a friend named Jack who was really into making fake weapons out of stuff. He was in high school so I thought he was cool, and making fake weapons to play around with made me feel like I was in World of Warcraft, my favorite game at the time. He made “axes”, “spears”, “swords”, etc. just out of big sticks, tape, those old Disney VCR cases, and other supplies I can’t remember. Side note.. Do any of you remember those tickets you’d get in school, for being good or doing well with your schoolwork? Well he had found a bunch in one of the school dumpsters (his words) and he gave me literally hundreds and hundreds, a giant stack. My teacher used them as currency and we could buy erasers, candy, or whatever. I never dared to use them though, I just showed my other friends and felt cool.

    Anyway, one day I was at his house playing outside. Swinging swords around and having a good time. He and my older sister didn’t get along, and they were having an argument while she was next door at her friend’s house. He ended up hitting her in the face really hard with one of his fake axes. I jumped on my bike and pedaled faster than I ever did before. I went home and told my mom, who showed up furious. I don’t remember what happened after that because she made me stay home.

  4. I’ll never forget the boyhood sexual abuse. I will never for get the public humiliation at school for being pointed out during an assembly as the smallest child in the school and everyone laughed at me.

  5. I was like 6 and my moms best friend had a seizure with the foam and everything and fell down in the driveway which was sloped, so then she kept rolling while still having the seizure. Thought she was dying. I remember hiding and watching and the ambulance dude was like u ok

  6. I remember almost every detail of when I got my necklace from Supernatural that Dean would wear. I ordered it April 1st 2014 around 9pm, it arrived on April 8th 2014 at 3pm. It cost $8 USD when I got it (free shipping). I even remember what rooms I was in when I ordered it and when I went to get it. Only things I can’t remember is who I got it from, what website (an etsy-esc website if it wasn’t etsy itself) or where I lost it

  7. When I was young, young enough at that point in your life where 90% you don’t remember anyways.. I remember a chicken.

    Late at night, my family (mom, dad, dad’s brothers and sisters, mom’s brothers, nieces, etc) were all making smores over a grill in our side porch. (It was large enough to be a garage, but had no walls.)
    They would give me a smore, and then tell me to go away somewhere. It was a cold night, so I would leave the party, walk past the house, and to the back; we had a.. I think laundry exhaust? Out back, and it would fan heat out, among other dusty things. So.. I would sit in the grass, alone, cold as hell except for my back, staring out into the other houses. We were on a hill, so you’d have a few houses, and then a hill that led down to other houses. Like a never-ending staircase.

    This one house, though.. had a chicken on top. Like the little chickens you see on farms, that would point to north or east or something. I was terrified of that chicken. It was my duty to guard the house, be a scout for that chicken. If I took my eyes off of that chicken, it would move, and come after us in the night. Or.. so my little 4yo mind thought.

  8. When I was like 8-10 years old, I witnessed porn for the first time on TV and my mom caught me watching it. She angrily asked me why i was watching that. So my dumbass innocent child response was, I wanted to learn!

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