what is a really weird fact, that makes people say “why do you know that?”

what is a really weird fact, that makes people say “why do you know that?”

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  1. There is a chemical called MPTP that specifically destroys dopaminergic neurons in the brain. About 3 days after someone ingests it, they get parkinson’s disease.

  2. Regarding Tabnit’s sarcophagus:

    In 1887, a minister from the US discovered a sarcophagus that is considered to be one of the most fascinating artifacts of the enigmatic Phoenician culture.

    Dated to the fifth century BC, the sarcophagus held Tabnit, a priest of Astarte and ruler of Sidon.

    The coffin contained *an oily, brown liquid* (embalming fluid), which almost perfectly preserved Tabnit’s remains.


  3. Wombats poop is in the shape of a cube.

    The smell of freshly mowed grass is a warning to other grass for their impending doom.

    Cows are more likely to kill you then sharks, snakes, lions, etc.

    Squirrels get run over a lot because they’re alcoholics. They snack on fermenting fruit, get hammered, and don’t have the proper response time to gtfo of the street in time.

    A good percentage of koalas have the clap, and their babies have to eat their moms poop because their diet is such trash they aren’t born with the proper gut fauna.

    Armadillos can carry leprosy

  4. The last battle of the European theater of WWII was also the only time allied and Germans forces fought together.

    The Battle of Itter Castle was fought by American soldiers, a group of defecting Wehrmacht soldiers, an SS captain that had joined the Austrian resistance, and several high value French POWs including former prime ministers and various other celebrities that had been held at the castle by the germans. An SS division nearby was trying to execute the prisoners after the guards had all committed suicide after hearing that Hitler was dead and the was was as good as over.

  5. European Eels only mate in the zaragoza sea and it isnt possible to breed them as noone knows how they mate in detail so there is an mafia around steeling young eels for farms

  6. 1 That you can make cyanide with 150- 200 Cherry’s hydrogen peroxide and an afternoon

    2 a strong base works better than a strong acid for dissolving a body.

    3 they used to make whips out of vertebra by feeding horse hair through them and layering the vertebra facing opposite directions to make a serrated edge

    4 that the myans used to eat their dead enemies as to not waste their meat

    5 that the author of Frankenstein Mary Shelley lost her virginity on top of her mothers grave

  7. that a block zone is a section of track that only one train can occupy at the end of a block zone is a method to stop a train in case there is a train in the section ahead this keeps train from colliding — coaster reference from eltororyan

    this also applys to trains on the railroad tracks

  8. The kid I was babysitting told me that “people who have fair skin get sunburned and develop certain cancers quicker because of how much orange juice they drink due the citrus acid that’s in it” the child is 11 mind you

  9. The place where you put old people have the highest rate of STD’s because they can’t Get pregnant and is there basically to die so they don’t care anymore and there for okey orgys I guess

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