What is a safety tip everyone should know about?

What is a safety tip everyone should know about?

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  1. Gymnastics foam pits are dangerous AF. You can’t just dive into them with reckless abandon, you will hurt yourself. The best way to land is either feet first or on your back. Definitely not belly flop.

    While we’re at it, never jump with some else on a trampoline. You can easily double bounce them off.

  2. There are different kinds of fires and using the wrong suppressant can fuel or spread the fire more. The most common example of this is how water will cause an oil fires to spread. Some fire extinguishers are only good for certain fires based on there rating so make sure you read what fire types it works on before purchasing. Baking soda works great on small grease fires.

  3. When boiling a pot of water, turn the handle inwards towards the center of the stove / counter. That way somebody (especially a kid) won’t come by and knock it over or grab it and pull it over on themselves.

  4. Never boil water in a microwave. It can cause something called the Vesuvius effect when you open the door and you will get badly burned by the steam and water.

  5. If you sleep on your side, put your hand over your ear while you sleep, ESPECIALLY if your home is prone to ants or bugs of any kind. If by any chance you wake up and feel extreme pain in your probably uncovered ear, tilt your head and pour a safe oil (like coconut) into your ear and the insect will most likely slide out.

  6. Hiking.

    There is an app which breaks down your location into easily spoken words so that rescue services can locate you, good to have that on your phone.

    If you are out and get lost and your battery is low, you can change your voicemail to give clues and an attempt at finding you I.e. I’m in this park and I can see a mountain on my left and forest to my right etc and any details like low on supplies or what your next move might be – aiming for town etc. Its a long shot but could help

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