What is a secret you will only tell to strangers on the internet?

What is a secret you will only tell to strangers on the internet?

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  1. it’s not a huge secret I guess, but I don’t tell people I know in real life that I’m autistic, but I am very open about it online. Once people know, they treat you different. But with online strangers it doesn’t matter.

  2. I once snorted the crumbled bone-dust at the bottom of a bag of human bones that were used for study in an anatomy class. Not on a dare. Nobody saw me do it. It’s been my secret shame since forever.

  3. My fathers side of the family is associated with the mafia. His cousin was released from prison not that long ago for embezzlement & tax evasion. My father was approached several times to ‘work on the docks’.

    We always used to joke around about having connections when I was a kid but I didn’t realize the validity of it until I was an adult.

  4. For some reason, I feel the way I do.
    I can tell a lot of people on Reddit and Twitter how I feel but once someone asks me in person; I just go ‘Yes! I’m fine! you?’

  5. The abuse my family (mum and dad) put me through it is so much deeper than people thought but no one really looked into it since we are a “picture perfect family”

  6. Had an emotional affair with someone and it just ended recently. Still in contact with him but we’re just friends now. At least for now. Maybe it’ll happen again who knows.

  7. I enjoyed the lockdown that resulted from the pandemic. I had an excuse to stay home, not go anywhere, and not meet anyone face to face. That’s been my lifelong dream.

  8. Fapped in the classroom and left a heavy load of jizz on the wall accidentally. And after 5 years that part of the classroom has been forbidden to sit. Nobody knows that I did it.

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