What is a sexy way of asking for consent?

What is a sexy way of asking for consent?

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  1. Dear Alice,

    Would you be happy to fill in administrative form 232/E and send it back to me in PDF format, complete with the relevant budget holder’s signature? For your information – the chain of approval should be enclosed in the initial message as per Procurement Handbook, Section 4.20, as well as Deputy Executive Consort’s Bulletin 69/2022.

    Please do not forget to copy your stream supervisor when sending out the authorisation.

    I am truly looking forward to this week’s allocated erotic romp.

    Best regards,


    John Smith III, Jr (he/him)

    OiC for Marital Affairs

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am cordially inviting you to engage in coitus sometime this afternoon between 6:00 and 6:30pm. Your written consent would be most welcome and I am eagerly awaiting your reply post-haste.

  3. I love sexy consent. To me it’s natural and easy, but requires so confidence. You know how when you kiss somebody, you lean in 70% and let them do the other 30%?

    When asking for consent, go 50% of the way, and ask, with eye contact, “Can I/Do you want me to…”

    *Can I hold you?*

    *Do you want me to kiss you?*

    *Can I keep touching you?*

    *Do you want me to take these off?*

  4. This is a story about how I asked my girlfriend for a hug. It happened two years ago. I was seeing her for the second time and we were at the end of our date. We were heading for the subway. I would have gone home, and she would have returned to a nearby student dormitory. We were meeting at a time when Covid regulations were present, everyone was wearing a mask, there were signs everywhere about social distancing. So before leaving I asked my girlfriend “ Would you allow me to break social distancing norms for a hug?” and she said yes. I think it was a cute way to ask for consent from her for a hug and we both went home happy.

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