What is a song that you really like from an artist who you “don’t” like?

What is a song that you really like from an artist who you “don’t” like?

What do you think?

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  1. God’s plan, not because I like the song but because I like seeing people’s reactions to being given money in the video. Will always bring a smile to my face

  2. 212 from Azealia Banks is a banger and gets me super hyped up every time I hear it. Then I remember how much of a homophobe/transphobic person she is and how she dug out and cooked up her dead pet cat. Like wtf?

  3. So I don’t really like Green Day, but really enjoy Brain Stew.

    Also, I’m really not a fan of Nickelback, but I like Photograph. It’s a guilty pleasure that I won’t apologize for having.

    Edit: a couple of key words

  4. “I think I’m okay” by MGK

    He has some songs that I find a bit okay, but most of them sound the same to me so you just stop listening to it, also this one specifically is one I love because Yungblud.

  5. As a person, I find Lorde extremely annoying. However Royals is the only song by her that I dislike. Every single other song she has released, I fucking love.

    In terms of not liking any of their other songs, I am not Mariah Carey fan, but god damn, “Fantasy” is a tune.

  6. Welcome Home – Coheed and Cambria

    I loved that song when I first heard it and ran out and picked up a bunch of their albums. Didn’t like a single other song. Learned a hard lesson that day.

  7. Twist and Shout by The Beatles is a banger, despite most of their work being utter dogshite.

    Look I can respect they laid the foundation for a lot of modern styles, but that doesn’t change that 99% of their music is acid-trip music that is just absurd. It’s not rock.

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