What is a subtle sign someone isn’t a good person?

What is a subtle sign someone isn’t a good person?

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  1. When you share something and they “always” try to bring back the subject to something similar that happened with themselves and how they dealt with it.

    A simple tip, observing yourself as a human is the key, one common example is your instinctive actions like the direction your eyes dart to when you’re making things up and when you’re seriously thinking about something… you’ve got yourself the key to know about the one in front of you.

  2. They talk shit about others to you.

    They share other peoples secrets to you.

    They talk down on others with you.

    They have friends who treat other people poorly or they for example cheat on their partners.

    They cut lines.

    They throw out trash on to the streets.

  3. When people do/say specific things purely to feel morally superior.
    I recently saw a discussion online where someone mentioned that they can’t eat vegan because of an eating disorder and there were people that got mad and told the person that this isn’t an excuse etc.
    This is pure evil, because the health of another person doesn’t mean anything to them.

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