What is a topic of heavy debate that shouldn’t even be argued on?

What is a topic of heavy debate that shouldn’t even be argued on?

What do you think?

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  1. Pizza toppings, just leave those kooky anchovy people and the pineapple eaters alone, it is a victimless crime and pizzas are so customizable, just let em eat.

  2. Do you mean topics that are too complex that can’t be well debated on a limited platform like reddit or debates where there should only be one right answer and no tolerance for debate?

    If it’s the latter, that’s just a complete contradiction. If there is motivation to debate it, there’s reason to have the debate. If the opposing person’s arguments are so illogical, then that’s an easy debate to win.

    If the issue is the opposing participant not abiding by pragmatic debate principles, then that itself is not a debate. The problem then is not with the debate, but the person’s refusal to abide by the debate principles.

    The only time it should be a fierce no tolerance for debate is in a restrictive totalitarian like environment where opposing views are censored to gain or maintain control.

  3. Women’s right to bodily autonomy. Sime people seem to think that women should be enslaved and used as birthing machines. I think they should be able to do whatever they want with their own bodies. Literally how can you even argue against someone not being enslaved? I don’t get it.

  4. Protection of constitutional rights,… seriously there are so many laws that constantly go against the constitution and we as people just accept it ,… and that’s sketchy

  5. Abortion. Let women do whatever they feel is right for them. It’s a personal decision that doesn’t affect any of the loudmouths that are obsessively against it, and I don’t know why that’s such a hard concept for people to grasp. It’s become less of a debate where you just live with and state your opinion and more of people acting as if getting one is something that’s going to destroy all of mankind.

  6. No debate should not be taken. Everything is worth debating if you know who with. There are just people too narrow-minded that the sole fact of questioning their conventions makes them angry. So: no debate should not be taken, there are people with whom you shouldn’t debate anything, though.

    EDIT: to clarify I’m talking mainly about philosophical/social/political/economical issues. A debate about whether the earth is flat or not is just unproductive.

    SECOND EDIT: also, fascists shouldn’t be debated, but punched. I am starting to think I was wrong all the way, but what the hell I’ll keep the comment up…

  7. Arguing over differing political views

    Regardless of what an individual believes (so I am not pointing fingers whichever side you lean), America needs some self reflection and try and realise most are pointless

    * online arguments. Does anyone know a person who has convinced another to change their next vote because they saw the error of their ways? Especially from a Facebook post or some other online shit storm? No? No one wins that shit. They just become more partisan

    * shit peddling news agencies like CNN and Fox. They have an agenda and will never be impartial

    * online opinion polls are rarely a true reflection on actual real life

    Americans are portrayed to have a total inability to self reflect and rarely admit to making mistakes. Hopefully someone decides to make a change to just arguing

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