What is a universally loved song that you hate?

What is a universally loved song that you hate?

What do you think?


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  1. We are Young by FUN. Can’t STAND that song and everyone wants to jam to it when it comes on

    Edit: had to fix name because hate it so much I ducked it up 😂

  2. Say Something. The song is just so monotone. I know it’s a sad song, but it just sounds like he just woke up and accidentally had decaf before they entered the recording booth.

  3. Adele – Easy On Me
    Worked a distribution job for a time, and this came on constantly. Having to scooter around on listening to E-e-E-E-e-E-Asy was in fact far from easy.

  4. Running up that hill. Kate Bush. It sounds of a horribly tone def, poorly produced, jazz scale, overly synthed studio rip off of Pat Benatar. It’s been everywhere this summer.

  5. Anything by adele annoys me endlessly. It sounds like if you could turn “depressed box wine drinking soccer mom with a minivan in a loveless marriage” into a collection of songs.

    Also “just give me a reason” I despise that song so much its going to be my 13TH reason.

  6. Strawberry Wine, Stairway to Heaven, Pour Some Sugar on Me, Cherry Pie

    Or in other words, the songs that people kept on repeat in the pool hall I frequented in my teens.

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