What is a useless fact that you know?

What is a useless fact that you know?

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  1. sea turtles-the sex is not determined by chromosomes but by temperature in the eggs. :l I think the warmer, the likelier is female. I hope I remember that correctly.

  2. The moon has moonquakes, the equivalent of earthquakes caused by gravitational pull and tidal distance stress

    Copper doorknobs and taps self disinfect as copper sterilised bacteria

    Humans are luminant but not strongly enough for the visible light spectrum

  3. UPS Courier drivers are encouraged to make left turns **only as a last resort**. Their routes are designed to make right turns only because drivers will spend less time idle at red lights, therefore allowing more deliveries to be made.

  4. Virgin bulls can go for a higher price because bovine STDs are a thing.

    I grew up on ranches and didn’t learn this until I was in my 30s and was blown away.

    Maybe it’s not so useless but I feel you need to know. Just for funsies.

  5. I was gonna say the aglet thing but that’s not exactly useless since it provides the semi-important cultural info that you watched that one Phineas and Ferb episode

    So… Alasdair McDonnell got 24.5% of the vote in the UK constituency of Belfast South in the 2015 UK General Election.

    I live in America and haven’t been within 1000 miles of the UK in my life, nor has anyone I know

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