What is a way to find dates?

What is a way to find dates?

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  1. Cultivate a large friend group and social connections. Find activity groups. The more people you know the more likely someone will want to set you up.

    Be worth dating. Work on improving yourself and represent yourself in the best way possible.

  2. Dating site. Create a proper detailed profile with real pictures. Create a standard message, saying hello, who you are and what your interests are , and then one sentence about the persons’ profile. Copy and paste this as a standard message. Then spend lets say, 10/20 minutes a day, messaging profiles you like. Wait a few weeks/months. Boom. Sexy time city. 9/10 would ignore, but its that 1/10 that makes all the difference.

  3. Most dates I had I meet first at a house party or in a bar/convention.

    Don’t try to date in a club, if you do in front of the club, indoors it’s too loud and a shitty atmosphere for meeting someone (excluding Dancefloor bitches, but you was asking for a date not a hookup so ..)

    If you are somewhat introverted and have read a lot in your life, try to meet someone at Starbucks, people there are usually a bit more chill and you can talk well to them.

  4. Guessing if you’re asking, you are a guy. First, spend time ramping up your interactions with casual strangers – you aren’t going to go from 0 to Casanova with the girl of your dreams. Take incremental steps to build up your sociability.

    Then, hang out in places where you are likely to meet quality girls. (I’m assuming you have the time to do this). I’d suggest volunteering – at worst, you do good, boosting your own endorphins, at best you meet someone great (single great girls are very rare these days).

    I’d tell you to avoid online dating – its a second job merged with a cess-pool options wise.

    I think the ‘making a friends crowd’ thing is well and good, if you make your own dating choices and aren’t relying on being set up. If you leave it to girls in the group to ‘set you up’ be prepared for some very uneven matches (generally true, but doubly true if you are new to the group).

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