What is a widely believed but completely false fact that really pisses you off?

What is a widely believed but completely false fact that really pisses you off?

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  1. That super wealthy people worked for it.

    Sure, SOME might have. Most had it given to them, or at the very least had a big advantage (a “small million dollar loan”)

  2. Sugar in a petrol tank will disolve and ruin the motor. Sugar does not dissolve in petrol and filters will prevent it from entering the motor, worst it would do is block the fuel pick up filter

  3. I was shown the spinning upside down glass of water trick by a boomer when i was little to explain gravity… and immediately didn’t believe him so he called me a runt. Now as an adult I learned this is widely believed by many older adults… wtf?

  4. The government has banned prayer in schools.

    Wrong, public schools won’t lead prayer because of the whole people believe different things thing. But individuals or private groups can pray all they want in school.

  5. “The American Civil War wasn’t about slavery.”

    This is a common belief in rural America, especially the rural South. It’s extremely easy to prove that it’s false though.

  6. As a person who keeps fish: that “betta fish live in puddles in the wild so they don’t need a big tank” and these guys are being kept in cruel conditions like getting stuck in a pencil holder on your office desk. Research pets before buying or leave them alone

  7. That Marsha P Johnson started the Stonewall Riots… it was Stormé deLarverie and Marsha P Johnson (a drag queen who some are now calling a trans woman) wasn’t even there

  8. Uncontrolled immigration and related circumstances under which mixing of two very different cultures is being forced upon in the name of “multi-culturalism”. It usually needs decades before cultures can mix and find a middle ground. At the moment what is happening in many countries globally is nothing short of lack of long term strategy/vision from the existing politicians and this will only make things worst (and dangerous) for both the natives as well as the immigrants. It’s a lose-lose.

  9. It’s believed that you should try to swim to shore if you fall off a ship. Actually, If you ever fall off a ship/ferry at sea and were lucky enough to be spotted – don’t try to swim your way to safety. The more you try to swim, the lesser the chances of survival. Just try to keep afloat and conserve energy (and body heat) while the rescue team does what they’re supposed to. Unless you are in hypothermic waters, the best bet always is to stay afloat without trying to swim to ‘somewhere’. This information about falling overboard, hypothermia and conditions, survival at sea etc are based on my own experience of many years sailing on merchant ships (example – [this](https://youtu.be/y_TOSEd3XMo)

    Disclaimer: link takes you to a youtube video of a timelapse I made of our ship crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.

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