What is a youtube channel you watch to relax?

What is a youtube channel you watch to relax?

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  1. I have two that I really love:

    [Boring Channel videos](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCISMdsCs7nzk3spMuh7GFDA/videos), it’s a lawn care channel that does fantastic work for free for people in need, abandoned properties that make the neighborhood look terrible. It’s so satisfying to just watch the properties go from jungle to back to normal.

    [Odd but still cool, A V](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv5VpUmPmarRvJ_hhoymYxA), it’s worms eating compost and caring for the worms. I prefer the time-lapse video’s with no audio commentary. Still really fun to relax to unless you don’t like worms.

  2. Latte ASMR. I never thought I would enjoy listening to ASMR until I saw one of her videos. She’s just an absolute, down-to-Earth, caring human, and she puts so much effort into her content.

  3. Country Life Vlog


    The name sounds like something you’d find decorating a Karen’s kitchen, but it’s such a lovely wholesome collection of videos of an older couple in Azerbaijan, preparing meals from scratch and doing projects around their property. There’s no narration and no soundtrack, aside from the peaceful sounds of their natural surroundings.

    Sometimes I mute it and listen to music while I watch, but sometimes I just soak in the pleasures of watching people who’ve been doing things the same way for generations.

  4. Mr. Carlson’s Lab. I don’t repair vintage electronics. I don’t plan on repairing vintage electronics. However, listening to that man’s soothing Canadian voice, as he repairs vintage electronics…it simply never fails to chill me out.

  5. The Daily Woo

    Adam the Woo is a great character in small doses. Can’t watch every day or he gets pretty repetitive, but when you really need to chill and laugh for a while, his little adventures are a lot of fun to follow.

  6. It’s impossible to name just 1. Economic ninja, Scotty Kilmer, Peter Santenillo, Donut Media, Shiey, Dark Skies, Suspicious0bservers are my main few.

  7. Baumgartner Restoration, he just seems like a really passionate guy and his videos are so smooth to watch. I didn’t even know art restoration could be interesting in any way but his videos are kind of mesmerizing, just watching him work on the paintings and being so careful with every touch is so relaxing. And you also get to see dope art

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