What is acceptable today that you still don’t find acceptable?

What is acceptable today that you still don’t find acceptable?

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  1. Pandering to attention seeking fucking weirdos.

    People that clearly have a serious mental illness, but instead of treating them for their illness. We have to bend over backwards to facilitate them instead.

  2. parenting your young child by distracting them with a cellphone all the time, every day. It’s okay and there’s no problem but there’s a limit and many parents break it

  3. Saying “bless you”. I don’t know why but I find it annoying that people have to stop talking or doing whatever they were doing just bc someone sneezed

  4. Social media platforms allowing misinformation to spread and be spread by lazy Americans especially too lazy to do any fact checking whatsoever.

    Almost makes me wish we did have state run media so that platforms spewing garbage might answer to a firing squad instead of a hearing before Congress.

  5. Hitting your child and calling it “discipline” it only sets them up to accept abuse from others as an adult. If you can’t do it to an adult (without their consent) then you can’t do it to your child. (Same goes for pets)

  6. Game companies like blizzard making a shitty remake of an epic game instead of actually making a good sequel to it or something new and making the old one unplayable, shutting down servers and the entire community, just because they are not content with the boatload of money they make from Wow subscriptions, Heartstone Ingame transactions, and much much more.

  7. Casual sex. I think it should be more meaningful. I don’t hate on others for it. I just hope I raise my sons to have better morals, values and self-respect

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