what is always portrayed wrong in movies?

what is always portrayed wrong in movies?

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  1. Digging your own grave. Having dug a pool before, I know there’s no way a normal person can dig a perfectly rectangular 6 foot grave without being dead tire and with many hours of breaks and rests.

  2. Death and unconsciousness.

    * Getting shot in the leg isn’t instant death.
    * When you’re in the hospital and they know you’re not gonna see tomorrow, they turn off the beeps.
    * You don’t go from perfectly lucid to a heart rate of zero instantly most of the time. The body shuts down slowly. You pass out and your heart gradually slows. The machines alternate between zero and some low rate because they can’t detect it below that.
    * You don’t get hit in the head, pass out for hours, then wake up perfectly fine. If you were passed out for more than a few seconds, you probably have brain damage.
    * You can’t just gas a room full of people and make them all immediately fall asleep with no consequences. Anaesthesiology is a whole medical field.
    * Atrophy is a thing. After a month in a coma you’re gonna have some difficulty walking and talking.

  3. You don’t hack into computers by guessing the password on the third try, and the computer never makes that “deedly deedly dee” beeping sound while slowly printing out text line by line.

  4. how doors and phones work – people tend to say “hello” and “goodbye” and almost nobody walks into their house and leaves the door open behind them

    but in film/tv folks just hang up and then walk through their front door w/o closing it (and like hop in the shower or some shit)

  5. Where to start?

    Family life.

    There are no long fights IRL, first one to strike a half-decent blow wins.

    Saw a video of an ex SEAL saying his biggest peeve with combat scenes is that grenades don’t make big flashes and sounds IRL, they just kind of thud.

  6. A lot of people have said guns/how guns are used/ gun suppressors, but one thing that’s not mentioned is what happens *after* the gun is fired.

    When the character fires the gun and just stuffs it down the front of their pants. Yeah Goodluck doing that without burning your privates.

    Also archery. Most of the time they use the wrong style for non-american characters.

  7. Making movies; the only one that “successfully” accomplished it was Symbiopsychotaxiplasm

    By successful, I mean capturing the “spirit” of filmmaking

  8. Virtually anything medical

    I’m banned from watching things with medical scenes in them with my family, because it ends up with me laughing hysterically.

    My favourite has to be the intubated patient alone in a closed-door room at the end of the corridor. Yup, that’s definitely the safest way to care for a patient who can’t maintain their own airway…

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