What is an addiction that the world is just ok with?

What is an addiction that the world is just ok with?

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  1. Work, I know some people that straight up can’t imagine their life where they don’t put aside everything for their job as their culture has told them they are only worth something while they are earning money. It can get unhealthy very fast.

  2. Sugar, it’s a serious problem if you’ don’t believe me look at all of the things in your pantry and see how much you eat in a serving and compare it to the recommended daily sugar intake

  3. Alcohol. I’ve met several people as of recent that genuinely look forward to blacking out from alcohol. And the definition of “fun” to many people I am surrounded by revolves around alcohol.

  4. Cigarettes. It’s quite bad for you and is addictive but nobody really cares like they do with cocaine or other substances. I’d go so far to say that it probably kills more people of lung cancer because it’s so widespread.

  5. Caffeine. I won’t drink coffee or any energy drinks because I’m afraid that I will become addicted to it. Same reason why I won’t take like Tylenol for more than a week.

  6. Internet. There are a lot of people (me included) who are so used to being able to be online 24/7 where even a day without internet is going to be a rough time.

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