What is an annoying game mechanic that needs to be scrapped from games?

What is an annoying game mechanic that needs to be scrapped from games?

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  1. 1-time use abilities. Not abilities that only get 1 shot, but abilities that are only used in *one specific part of the game*, and then never again. Granted, this is not as prevalent as it used to be, but it’s still annoying.

    Also, really useful powers that you only get at the endgame. Case in point would be the Zero Cycle from Breath of the Wild. Imagine if we could have challenged that dungeon first, instead of last.

  2. Too long cutscenes/animations when you die and try again. Celeste was amazing as you respawn instantly and can try again.

    Gran Turismo 7 when you have to retry a license test for the 40th time and have to watch the car for 3 seconds before the 3 second countdown starts it gets old very quick. Just restart me with 1 second to go, no point in the whole cinematic countdown.

  3. Meaningless mechanics that don’t have any thematic translation.

    For example, let’s say you’re playing a card game like Hearthstone or Slay the Spire, and let’s say you have a card that says “punch” and it ‘does x damage’. This is an example of a good mechanic because it makes sense thematically. A punch does damage.

    Now, the problem arises when you have cards or other game mechanics that don’t make sense with what it’s supposed to be. For example, imagine a card or spell or whatever called “aimed shot” and its in-game effect was something like ‘if this card was drawn this turn then it does +1 damage’. Nothing about the concept, a carefully aimed shot, has anything to do with the randomness of drawing the card that turn. Perhaps a better name would be ‘lucky shot’, because it was pure luck that the card was drawn this turn.

    Good games are those where the designers incorporate themes and mechanics in a logical way. It makes the idea satisfying rather than irrelevant. When the effects have nothing to do with the concept, you could just as easily call them Effect 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.

    Rant over.

  4. Big creatures/bosses that introduce themselves by yelling at the camera. There are quite a few games where that’s **every bosses gimmick**

    You know you’ve seen it, dramatic pan around boss, boss rears back yells at camera bam boss fight starts.

    That and the classic escort npc slower than your run, faster than your walk.

  5. Minigames. Unless done flawlessly, that is.

    You make an rpg? Good, let me do rpg stuff. I don’t want to have to play a minigame to obtain an important reward, let me conquer that via battling, or exploring.

    Making a platformer? Great! Get that level design off the chart good! But I don’t want to sit through some random segment that has shit controls.

    So yeah, minigames in general. Some games get them right, but most of them don’t. Triple triad in FFVIII is a good example. Every minigame in FFX is an example of how you do it wrong. KH3 kinda gets it right, for the most part. Spyro 3 has some good, some terrible minigames.

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