What is an opinion you disagree with but is difficult to argue against?

What is an opinion you disagree with but is difficult to argue against?

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  1. I post this a lot, I am extremely strongly anti-gun, but I do recognize that while there are a few loonies out there with their guns, *most* gun-owners are not like that and I do hear their arguments on self-defense and need to protect their homes, and they are responsible gun owners who do keep their guns locked away and don’t just flash them about.

    I do have respect for them. I wouldn’t do what they do, but seeing responsible gun ownership makes me usually tone down my anti-gun rhetoric around them, I just usually try to change the subject.

  2. The world is over populated. The population has quadrupled since my great grandmother was born. That Portuguese woman has more energy than any other 88 year old I’ve ever met

  3. The whole pro-choice/pro-life debate. On one side, nothing excites me more than the thought of killing babies, but on the other it’s giving women a choice.

  4. That the freedom convoy protest is pointless. On one hand, I understand why they’re doing it, I’m sick of the mandates myself. On the other hand, I know we’re better off to end mandates after covid ends. On one hand, they have no idea what they’re talking about or what will happen if the mandates are lifted. On the other hand, maybe lifting these mandates will show them exactly why they need to be in place.

  5. That penguins are better than ducks. They are both adorable little… *living things*…. i’m bad at explaining both sides of this argument. this comment will probably get deleted or something…

  6. I hate eating out. I don’t like being in a restaurant-it’s ALWAYS too cold/too dark/music’s too loud. Anywhere halfway decent is way too pricy. If making dinner at home would cost me $3 and a meal out was $20, was the meal out 7x as good as what I would’ve cooked? Literally never. It’s not worth it to me. (I also enjoy cooking, so that helps.) But it’s pretty much the default social activity, so it’s very hard to convince people to do anything else.

    Tough one to argue because it’s pretty unpopular and folks who enjoy eating out aren’t necessarily wrong. Eating out is an experience. Just one I personally think is unpleasant and not worth my money!

    And for anyone wondering just how much I hate eating out, the last time I traveled I straight up had bread and peanut butter in my suitcase so I could make some sandwiches in my hotel room.

  7. I’m against the death penalty on moral grounds. A lot of people will express how much they want a certain type of person to be tortured/killed or whatever as a form of virtue signalling. So then because I don’t think the government or random vigilante groups should be allowed to do whatever, these virtue signalers will accuse you of being a nazi or a sex offender, or whatever. This kind of thinking made me lose a lot of respect for someone I otherwise thought was cool.

    Assuming I’m still engaged with them in that conversation at that point, I just ask them if they would want to cut the hands off of a third or something comparably stupid. For instance, I’m fairly sure that the Code of Hammurabi (the oldest known set of written laws) allows you to kill the son of a house builder if the house he makes collapses and kills your son!<

  8. The gender fluidity thingy. There are men, women, nonbinary (like, biologically, you can be born nonbinary) and also trans women and men ( that are born that way and might find it out in their teenages, also, a biologicaly explained thing ). But someone being a full women for 30 years and then you say that you are nonbinary, or people changing gender after a year after already changing it once is bullshit. They have to understand, if its a preference and not a biological problem then you cannot be taken seriously .

  9. The death penalty. There are historical figures that have done so much harm, or just by drawing breath would be so destabilizing, I have to agree that they should deserve to die. That said, there are so many people that have been exonerated while on death row, or sadly afterwards, I have a hard time supporting it. And that’s before you get into the cost/benefit analysis of the expense of allowing appeals to the program, and whether it serves a significant social good.

  10. That learning languages is useless. Personally, I hate learning languages because I find it boring, but there’s others out there (like my mum) who loves learning other languages.

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