What is best way to avoid awkward silence in conversations?

What is best way to avoid awkward silence in conversations?

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  1. You don’t. Silence is a natural part of most conversations because people sometimes need time to collect their thoughts. It’s only awkward if you make it out to be.

  2. 1. Just say this is getting akward, admit it. Then ask if the other person want to do an akward pause.

    2. Look at something and play that remind me of, like if there’s a tree just say that we can find the age of trees by counting circles on them but i have no idea where are the circles on a tree. Do you? Here knowing the interest of other person helps because then you can pick a topic they’ll want to talk about too.

    3. Or don’t say or do anything it’s also good to have a silent atmosphere here and there.

  3. If there’s it’s awkward there must be a reason why it’s awkward. It could be yourself or the person you’re around that causes the feeling.

  4. I’m not good at this, so when things start to get quiet I find a reason to walk away. I can get past it with people I know well, but it’s the only natural point to end a conversation on that’s immediately obvious to me.

  5. Sitting in silence isn’t all too bad, like try to think of the scene in Clue when Mrs. Peacock tries to force a conversation? It can be like that. I suggest making a comment on the silence, or if it’s pointed silence (meaning a silent understanding or some kind of subjective bomb dropped), try to shift the topic

  6. it’s nice to sometimes enjoy someone else’s presence with out worrying about talking thier head off and vice-versa

    learn to enjoy it. it makes for a much more chill experience imo

  7. Ask a question! I had a situation at school this week where we had to bring someone in and my person bailed last minute so I had to post online and find a stranger to come in with me. We provide a service that people would need or want.

    So I have this stranger come in and I don’t know anything about him except his name. Anytime there was a long pause I would just ask him about himself. What does he like to do? Had he done anything he was proud of during quarantine. How is he feeling with the shut downs. How is his work affected. After learning where he works just asking more questions about his work.

    With friends I do the same. Ask follow up questions to things they have said. There is always more that can be explained. Eventually they’ll say something you can relate to or have something of your own to share.

    Do you read about things that are interesting to you? Ask them have you heard (and then tell them about something you read or saw on the news). Do you like a certain show or video game? Do they?

    MOST important: don’t rapid fire questions. Let them naturally connect. Use what they said to either comment or ask for more information. If you’re jumping from question to unrelated question it’s going to come off really impersonal. At worst it will seem like you’re trying to control the conversation and avoid talking about yourself.

  8. Try re-adressing something you already talked about.

    For example:

    “Um… So you said were from where? Was it Florida?”

    It will either go “Oh yes Florida” or “Oh no I’m from Oregon.”

    And then if you get it wrong, apologize and continue the conversation by talking about Florida or in this case, where they’re from. Of course this applies to any topic.

    Another example:

    “How old did you say you were again?”

    “Oh I’m 24.”

    “Cool so fresh of college… Or still in college?”

    And continue on from there… Talking about college or sum other things. The key is to stay interested enough to keep the conversation going, ask questions and if you feel like you’re asking to much, add in facts about yourself too.

  9. Say “Hey, umm….” and think of some dumb shit to keep it rolling and fast. IMO almost anything at all is better than silence. I usually just try to make them laugh or smile because clearly neither of you have much to say anyway so just make the best of it.

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