What is essential for good mental health?

What is essential for good mental health?

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  1. Being able to let go and learn to be at peace and comfort with your own company. Fuck friends and support. Don’t ever rely on someone else making you feel good! Those are extras to make you feel especially good! But don’t rely on them to reach your baseline.

  2. Self care. Count your blessings. protect your peace. Eat your veggies. Do work that has meaning. Give back. Love thy neighbor as thyself. Forgive but don’t forget. Move your body.

  3. Cope with the stresses of life.
    Be physically healthy.
    Have good relationships.
    Make meaningful contributions to your
    Work productively.
    Realize your full potential.

  4. Having the right people around you (to the extent that it’s possible.)

    Cutting toxic friends, leaving toxic jobs, distancing from toxic family members, each is a step closer towards mental health and wellness.

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