What is illegal, but people continue to do openly without consequences?

What is illegal, but people continue to do openly without consequences?

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  1. Use Tax.

    Where I live, if you buy something in another state without sales tax, but bring it back to your home state, you have to send your home state the tax you “should have” paid if bought locally.

    Even if it’s pants.

    Let me get right on that…

  2. Congressmen lying to the public for partisan political gain. They say it is free speech. But ALL FEDERAL employees and all legislators AND those in their employ sign an agreement to limit their public speech and to follow particular ethic rules to avoid any kind of appearance of partisanship or corruption. If a complaint is found to be legitimate it can be referred to the DOJ for prosecution. Despite volunteering to take this oath, certain legislators have found fame by attacking others in a partisan manner. Even spreading misinformation about vaccines is also illegal for senators/reps.

  3. In some areas, “feeding the meter” aka putting more money in a parking meter when it’s close to running out of time.

    The reason parking meters have a time limit (1 hour, 2 hours) is becuase they want to force cars to leave after that time (generally when the parking is for commercial businesses so they can have turnover for customers). If you max it out, then come back and add more time, you’re extending your car’s stay past that limit and can, in theory, be ticketed. Pretty much no one enforces it, however.

  4. jaywalking. only very few places are there consequences, such as certain parts of California. But other places , police aren’t even allowed to ticket you.

  5. Human trafficking.

    There certinaly ARE consequences to this but unfortunately the number of people involved in the trafficking FAR outweighs the number of people caught.

  6. Well for the past 10 years, open corruption in the Australian Government. Media barely addressed it, and when they did, nothing happened or forgot about it.

  7. Pulling all the way up to the throat of an intersection, blocking the sidewalk crossing.


    If your in California, any theft under $1000 lol.

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