What is in your opinion the easiest language to learn?

What is in your opinion the easiest language to learn?

What do you think?


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  1. English is the easiest language i’ve learnt. I’m dutch. And sometimes i even find it easier to speak English because we don’t have certain words in our language.

  2. Italian!

    It’s logical, fun to speak, is largely spelled just like it sounds, and there aren’t any accent marks or odd punctuation to keep track of.

    Then again, I had already taken a couple years of Spanish, so ymmv.

  3. It’s probably a bit controversial but I find Japanese the easiest as the complete different sentence structureing makes it engaging to learn and the words being nothing like English helps prevent me memorizing Japanese words as English granted I’m still learning and only literate in hanjira and practicing by talking into Google translate

  4. I had seen a video a while back about the five easiest languages for a native English speaker to learn. They were Afrikaans, Italian, Indonesian, Dutch, and Norwegian.

    Honestly, I would say any language that has words and a grammatical structure that is similar to your native language is the easiest to learn.

    Oddly enough, I did read somewhere that it’s easier to learn Spanish than English if you’re a native Japanese speaker, and vice versa.

  5. Is there a really easy language to learn?

    As a native speaker of a romance language, I was told that learning one of the other major romance languages would be easier than learning something like English.

    Yet, here I am, I still didn’t learn Spanish. Tried and failed at Italian. But I’m a little bit influent with English.

    Then I was told it’d be easier to learn German because I know English. Guess? Nope. It’s not. I’ll learn goddamn Russian with a whole different alphabet and I’ll never learn another romance or germanic language.

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