What is it like being you?

What is it like being you?

What do you think?


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  1. It’s however you make it.

    We all have things we can’t change, but far too often we resign ourselves to the fate we currently see.

    Everyone in here that has something depressing to say about themselves, it doesn’t need to always be that way.

    You can make the changes to improve yourself, I know you can. I believe in you.

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  2. Pretty shit.

    So plain/average that people just look right through you, nobody looks twice. 20 years of depression, no friends, no social life, shit job, dead parent, divorced and ghosted by anyone you try to make friends with.

    Just think of it as waking up every day and feeling immense disappointment.

  3. That’s a tough one to answer; I’ve never been anyone else, so I don’t really have a good basis for comparison. I guess I’ll focus on the ways in which I’m aware I’m different.

    Formal speech is my natural impulse; I speak more or less like a novel reads. I’ve learned to tone it down for most social activity, but when I get stressed I do tend to revert to being very finicky about my words.

    Emotions are all cranked way, *way* down. I frequently have to guess my own feelings from physical symptoms (“Okay, my hands are shaking and my heart rate is elevated – is this scared or angry?”)

    I seem to be missing an entire kind of memory. To my knowledge, most people experience memories sort of like playing back a movie in a dream. I just remember details *about* a given event (it was a Tuesday, late summer, I wore my gray shirt, my wife was there) rather than being able to play it back.

    In a related vein, I don’t hear my thoughts as a little voice or see it as pictures. My head seems to operate in abstracts; rather than thinking the words ‘blue chair’ or envisioning a teal recliner, I simply get a sense of blue-ness and a sense of chair-ness.

    I have next to no social drive. People – even people I care about – are almost universally more stress than pleasure to be near. It’s effort, you know? Having to maintain small talk and pretending to be interested in the weather. And deeper topics are difficult enough to articulate stances on that it’s rarely worth the effort of bothering to do so – I prefer silence.

    Oh, and I have celiac disease, so getting food can be complicated. Fortunately, tamales are gluten-free.

  4. Pretty nice, thank you. All very simple and enjoyable. Im in my 30rs, so much more wiser than teenager yet no health problems yet and got some money, my own place and all that, and recently fell in love again, have a job that I love because of a great collective and friens in a beautiful countryside. Fuck me, I’m actually not that bad when I start to think about it. And I was at my lowest low at 20s. Like almost hang myself. Take care op, all the best <3

  5. i’m tired. i’m chronically ill and i’m just tired. i have ehlers danlos syndrome and a brain tumor. i also have seizures which completely stopped my life. i used to work in healthcare and was in school to start to become a PA but i had to stop work and drop out of school because i was having seizures multiple times a day.

    i don’t know if or when i’ll get better.

    i’m just tired.

  6. IDk…sometimes I literally sit there and think about how lucky I have been in life and then sometimes I sit in anguish about one thing or another that is happening in my life. I guess this is pretty normal, but sometimes it seems like I’m living with life with all the knobs turned on “high”. It definitely is too tough to get by nowadays; it should be easier to earn an honest living. I work under a type “A” personality , so maybe that’s the problem.

  7. You know that feeling where you’re trying to fall asleep at night but then you’re suddenly panicking over some awful embarrassing memory?

    Like that all day every day

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