What is legally a scam?

What is legally a scam?

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  1. Insurance has always seemed like a scam to me.

    Customers continually give the company money in case something happens, then when something happens, the company has people to make sure it doesn’t pay out as advertised. It is so predatory. I saw a documentary about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in the U.S., and several people talked about how wind and flood insurance companies each claimed they couldn’t pay out because the damage was really caused by whichever element they didn’t cover.

    The notion of medical insurance is crazy enough to me, but that insurance company refusing to cover medicine/treatments that have worked for the patient in the past seems completely unconscionable.

  2. In the USA, **taxation**.

    Less late stage capitalist nations like Japan will meticulously track your income and simply send you a bill for the taxes you owe.

    Meanwhile here employers will report tax information for their employees to the government and then the workers must, either using commercial tax prep software, a tax prep business, or by themselves, file taxes in a way that will inevitably introduce errors that IRS can penalize them for and get extra money.

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