What is one thing that helped your depression?

What is one thing that helped your depression?

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  1. Getting off depression drugs. I was a zombie, I got off them cold turkey and was seeing weird stuff all around but I came back to normal and love my life now.

  2. Mountain biking. It’s well known that physical activity helps with depression and for me it definitely helped. It helps me stay focused and appreciate being alive. I’m out in nature, pushing myself. Hell, it even got me to quit smoking and drastically cut down on drinking. It helped me travel, meet new people and get out of my comfort zone. It gives me pride when I learn something new. I find myself eating better, sleeping better, and excited to wake up on days I know I can ride. It completely changed me. It’s great. Can’t recommend it enough.

  3. Exercise. Doesn’t have to be complicated. I just go for a half hour walk that includes some hills. Makes a huge difference. (This is not to discount medication and therapy I use those things too)

  4. I know it sounds like recycled generic advice but… Find some small ways you can control and improve your situation. Do that sink full of dishes you have been letting pile up. Clean up your desk. Fold some laundry.
    These are huge accomplishments when your are depressed.

  5. proper nutrition and cutting out social media (yes i know reddit is social media) helped 24875284x more than therapy. oops thats two things

    use your money to buy broccoli and chicken, not to pay some dumb middle-aged lady to agree with everything you say

  6. Anxiety and depression are oftentimes a side effect (not a disease) of brain inflammation. Nutrient deficiencies and underlying glandular / endocrine problems can promote anxiety and depression too. Most people, unfortunately, don’t know that. So, the answer is diet. You may have a good look into the AIP (autoimmune protocol or autoimmune Paleo diet). It’s one of the most gut-friendly, nutrient-dense and anti-inflammatory approaches you can follow that works wonders for managing / reversing mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety. *The Simple AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) Handbook* by George Kelly is a nice read on the topic.

  7. Having faith in Christ. I was so concerned about my worldly life but I had completely ignored how the Kingdom of God extends far beyond what I can comprehend. I thought about how my earthy struggles had only paled in comparison to what our own Lord had faced.

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