What is one thing you can do to change the world that costs no money?

What is one thing you can do to change the world that costs no money?

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  1. Listen to someone’s else’s problems for 15 mins when your off work. offer what advice you can.

    If everyone did this, I think a lot of anger could be safely vented.

  2. Push over trash cans into the street and kick the contents so it blocks traffic. It’ll really mess up traffic and people will be late for work.

    Won’t cost you a thing, and the world will be different because you were there.

  3. In my country, Timbuktu, people don’t flush. So that’s what I do, flush the toilet, hose down everything that will be touched by hands. The next person after me will be annoyed as fuck now that it looked like the aftermath of a great flood, but I’ll guarantee you everything’s clean.

  4. Donate blood every two months or plasma every week. Join the bone marrow donor registry. You may never get called to donate, but you also might be the only registered match in the world for someone, and you could save a life. It’s a minor surgery, but all of your bills and travel is paid for you (in the USA, at least).

    If you want to be really wild and crazy about it, donate a kidney or half a liver. Donate your umbilical cord after you give birth.

    Register to donate your organs when you die. They can use so much of your body to save countless others, you could help someone see again, breathe again, the possibilities are endless. And anything that can be donated can be used by scientists to develop the next world-changing technology or train the next life-saving doctors

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