what is one thing you can’t hold back your anger at?

what is one thing you can’t hold back your anger at?

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  1. Country music. If it’s constantly played, my rage gets worse and worse. I basically scream fromthe inside, but my coworkers can see the subtle rage in my eyes

  2. Seeing others wantonly wasting food on social media for likes, comments and engagement.

    There is this one guy I saw on Tik Tok, and in the video he was standing by a compost bin eating barbecue chicken wings, but he was only taking one bite, just ONE BITE out of each chicken wing, but then he was throwing the rest of the partially eaten wings into the compost bin. He even said in that video that some of us would see this and immediately get pissed off (which he made very clear to viewers he didn’t care about because he thought it was funny).

    There is also this other guy on Tik Tok who would routinely make videos of making HUGE bowls of food, and would just spill everything he was making EVERYWHERE on his kitchen counter. Be it several litres of milk and kilos of cereal, or several bottles worth of chocolate syrup and a HUGE tub of ice cream, this guy would always be flooding his countertops with such disregard and reckless abandonment…

  3. It really frustrates me when people walk towards you in shopping centre or on a path while scrolling their phone and having no awareness where they’re going

  4. Nazis, racists, anyone who’s anti LGBTQ+, incels, misogynists and sexists andddddddd oh boy the list keeps going with the same concept- basically anyone who’s a bigot 🙂

  5. Climate change and the fact that governments aren’t doing shit.

    Who tf decided to sell our future for profit ? Like ffs, isn’t this the biggest crime ever made ?

  6. When someone is ungrateful, also animal torture or literally abusing anyone who cannot fight back. The second one totally pisses me off and i think those people should get death penalty.

  7. Putting the wrong characters together in TV shows.

    It patterns bad relationship behavior. Usually the pairings aren’t based on who would be a healthy couple but rather who would generate the most drama/comedy. Then people make those characters their relationship goals.

    For every Cory and Topanga there are 10 Ross and Rachels

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