What is one thing you’re tired of telling/explaining to people?

What is one thing you’re tired of telling/explaining to people?

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  1. What my job is.

    I sell roof safety equipment for an engineering company in the construction industry… It’s… not easy to explain exactly what I do.

  2. That nothing can magically make someone gay. If you thought you were straight, then did something that’s making you question that, you’re probably bisexual

  3. Same as the other guy. I run a very proprietary automated system. If i changed a setting, or paused an area, ITS FOR A DAMN GOOD REASON; KEEP YOUR GRUBBY MITTS OFF OF IT! And don’t ask me why I did it if you don’t want the 2 hour dissertation, you are going to get it!

  4. I teach accents and dialects.

    No, I can’t guess what weird obscure place your specific accent is from.

    I work for Hollywood, thus I work for Americans, I don’t teach accurate accents I teach the accent that Americans think is the accent.

  5. New people at work need to STFU and not complain about ANYTHING.

    They haven’t been there long enough to understand the situation and potential ramifications.

  6. I have small tremors in my hands. I am tired of explaining its not Parkinsons, its normal.got tested by a specialist. Making a big deal out of it only makes it worse. Telling me to stop shaking does as much as telling people to calm down.that would be nothing.

  7. How if we do not revert back to almost full self-sufficiency and become less wasteful we will find ourselves in the most chaotic point of human existence by around 2040.

  8. My mental-illness/mental disorder of Major Depressive Disorder isn’t imaginary or made-up and I can’t just simply ‘snap out of it’… Sigh…😔

  9. Whenever I tell people that my family are Middle Eastern, they automatically assume that we’re Islamic (we’re Christians). One girl from my freshman class back in high school had to be corrected by me, 3 other students, and the fucking teacher to tell her that not all middle easterners (Arabs) are Muslims.

  10. I am tired of explaining to people who visit Detroit that not everyone in this city is a gangbanger or a thug or ghetto.

    Nobody is going to hurt you. You are going to be okay. You can come to this city and have a good time. You can visit our neighborhoods and not expect to get robbed.

    Da fuq

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