What is something men go through that women will never understand?

What is something men go through that women will never understand?

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  1. “BE A MAN”…. it’s thrown at us our entire lives that crying and emotion is for females. That showing your emotions is frowned apon. You should be like an iron wall working a 12hr shift in the sun all day to fuel capitalism your entire life till you cry on your death bed for having to deal with so much shit just to end up where you are now and decide then and there if your life was worth it in the end…..

  2. Getting your balls sucked is 100% a hit or miss. There’s no in between. It can be great. But if it’s not, it fucken hurts. I’ve had a woman suck my balls so hard it felt like I got kicked.

  3. We go through this sort of financial clock. We can’t live the life we want until certain financial criteria are met. I don’t mean cars and mansions. I mean we don’t want to buy our woman a $25 engagement ring. We won’t propose until we can get what we want to get them and we feel we can give them the life we feel they deserve. We can’t get married until we’ve got our money right.

    Women think they should be married by this age and have kids by that age. They over analyze every single stupid thing on a hugely over dramatic scale. They can’t keep their emotions under control and stop screaming and cussing and talking about themselves long enough to figure out we’re working to give them more.

  4. The sensitivity of nuts.

    There’s a REASON for man-spreading, cups, loose-fitting clothing, and a number of other protective measures.

    Unfortunately, today’s females would rather bitch about it than try to understand.

  5. Time and time again it has been demonstrated that my only worth as a human being is to make a shit ton of money to spend for somebody else’s benefit.

    My personality, my wants, needs, emotional well being funny don’t matter. Only my check book.

  6. The current hate that is surfacing saying we are useless and the world won’t change if there were no men etc.
    Everyday I see women putting me down for being a man even if I try to actively avoid it.
    There are also many news articles from prominent printing houses aith the same views.

  7. Probably nothing, they’re watching us the whole time while we act like buffoons in all situations and still choose to partner up with us, let us impregnate them and make big decisions for their family… I think they get us and we are totally blind to it.

    But in a literal sense, boners.

  8. Women want to be at THE top at work but don’t/won’t do all the dirty or hard physical work to get there. That is where the man comes in to pave the way for the woman.

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