What is something nobody warns people about enough when it comes to having kids?

What is something nobody warns people about enough when it comes to having kids?

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  1. Kids suck up unbelievable amounts of time, money, and energy.

    And that’s if you get an average child.

    If your child has issues (mental/psych/neural), it just swallows your life, marriage, free time, etc.

  2. It’s not the lack of sleep early on that gets you as much as the unpredictability. Is she going to cry as soon as you put her down, or will she stay asleep? What about leave the room? Will she stay asleep for four hours or ten minutes? How long will she stay awake when she wakes up next?

    If you’re like me, and many people I know, this will make you *angry* after awhile. I was not prepared for the anger. A friend of mine kicked in a door. I punched inanimate objects and snarled foul language.

    It gets better. Remember, plenty of people voluntarily have more than one, because after awhile it’s not so bad. But the difficulty grows exponentially, not linearly, with more kids.

  3. If you’re the one bearing them, it can and probably will fuck up your body. Pressing on your organs, moving them around, possibly spreading your bones apart in addition to your hips/pelvic girdle. And that’s not to even get into labor and delivery problems.

    And let’s talk about the fact that it can be very difficult for some women to actually get pregnant, and then to make matters even worse, some women have a very difficult time keeping pregnancies. Even if the woman is in perfect health and desperately wants the baby, one tiny chemical change and then bam! the immune system starts attacking the growing fetus.

    I think it’s something along the lines of 1 in 3 pregnancies will miscarry before three months. Sometimes that means, before she knows she is even pregnant.

  4. There is a different kind of tired that parents get. Bone tired. Micronapping tired. Hit send on an email? Nap. Red light? Nap. That moment at the end of taking a particularly deep breath, but before exhaling? Nap. And you’ll never not be tired again.

  5. Having to give up a lot of foods you like during pregnancy. You cant even take an advil for headaches. You have to take certain medications and be careful with what you eat.

  6. That “terrible two” and other “phases” don’t go away. They stick around, just compounded by other nonsense so much that you don’t even notice anymore.

  7. You can lose who you are while you’re raising them. But it’s so important to take time for yourself to keep this from happening.

    Also, that you have to teach them to pull their pants up. I knew I would have to teach how to use the potty, eat, tie shoes, etc., but I was so caught off guard about having to explain how to pull pants up when getting dressed. It’s a tricky maneuver for littles.

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